Wednesday, July 20, 2011

army crawl

We've got about two weeks left on the house. At least, that's what the bank says we have :-) And I really think Jeremy might pull it off. What a stud. What a crazy, exhausted, stud.

Or, what a crazy-exhausted stud. (Ah, the nuances of punctuation.)

There have been so many times in the last two years that I couldn't even look forward to being done with the house. It just seemed (and in reality, was) too far away to be real. But in the last couple of weeks, Jeremy and I have started to believe that this all might be real. That soon we'll be able to look forward to weekends that feel like weekends. To go on day trips with our boy. To have a date night without feeling guilty about the time taken for it.

It's a crazy, exhilarating feeling.

And no, we're not there yet, and, yes the next few weeks will be a bit--er--hellish. But we're going to get there. It's actually true. I'm feeling thankful and relieved and oh-so-ready for this next season.