Saturday, September 11, 2010

Trail of tears

This is a picture, not of real blood or tears, but of ice cream. Nutella ice cream. I tried to make Mom's birthday cake with an inner layer of Nutella ice cream... and then it all melted. Everywhere.

Fortunately, the cake itself was wonderful, the ganache on top was divine, and some of the ice cream melted through the bottom layer of cake, making it very moist and lovely ;-)

Thought I would share some recipes that I used that night that turned out a bit better:
Easy-peasy spaghetti/tomato sauce by 101cookbooks that I used for pizza
Raw&Cooked Vegetable salad (that was wonderful!) from Lydia's Italy (Barbara, you would love this!)

And some other recipes that I've made lately that will be added to the regular rotation: