Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I don't know about everyone else, but Christmas always sneaks up on me. This year has been a little better, since I'm not in school or working, so I have had more time to enjoy the season and all the coziness and sweetness that comes with it. Even so, I have a hard time focusing on God and Jesus and the magical message of his birth; it just seems to become so diluted by Christmas shopping and Christmas cooking and Christmas parties, etc., etc. But! My friend Barbara has been doing a series of posts on the Christmas story, fictional pieces written in the voice of those involved in the birth of Christ, and it has been wonderful. Funny and touching, picking up on the details that I always miss when I read it in the Bible. Barbara always seems to zero in on the true nature of God in a way that I so appreciate, and she's always given me a more complete picture of God and His goodness than I have on my own. Can you tell I'm a big fan of hers?? Anyway, here's a link to her blog and those posts; I'd start at the beginning (there have been five), the piece entitled "In Morning Light". Barbara, these could be the start of a book, methinks. :-) I hope you all enjoy them the way that I have.

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  1. tears leaking from her eyes, she HUMBLY says, "Thank you, my sweet Alanna."