Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cake; Or, How I've broken 2 of My 3 Resolutions Today

I made cake for our small group this week, and since we didn't eat it all at group, I've taken it upon myself to finish it off. My goodness, it's good. It's a banana cake that isn't too banana-y, not too sweet, and has a nice finish of homemade coconut icing. YUM. Here's the link; I think this will be a main contender for E's first birthday cake. Yes, this is something that I think about regularly. I know that's weird.

I didn't exercise today. Or yesterday. Or last week. But I have an excuse: Elias got sick for the first time. And I was sick with him. We were so miserable. Sigh. It's over now, but my sleep has not been caught up with, so I've been taking it easy. And eating cake. Double sigh. But! I'm only about 10 lbs away from the weight I was at before Elias. I'm getting there.

But! I've been reading the Bible every day. And it's been great. And the day before yesterday I got to Job. To which I said, "Yuck." But I felt like I should read it, and it's really been great. Surprisingly so. Looking forward to Barbara getting there too :-) Ms. Barbara, you will be working through Job, won't you??

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  1. Wow...I must admit that Job seems very far away right now. I planned to do the kings and then the prophets (my original plan was to start in Isaiah, but I went backwards. ?