Tuesday, March 8, 2011

three years

Today is Jeremy's and my anniversary. The last 3 years have been wonderful, and rough, and full of hard life things. We won't be celebrating today; we have group at our house, and a baby who won't take a bottle (which is all my fault, I know), and this darn, life-sucking house to clean and fix, etc., etc.

I'm hoping that in a week or so we'll be able to go out to dinner and just breathe and be together. And (quiet!) I'm ordering a custom poster for him from avintageposter.com (she's got some cute, cute things) that will be a surprise and (I'm betting!) something that he'll love. I'll post a picture when I get it.


  1. OK -- when you get a minute go get a calander and mark the 8th on several random months. Put a note that says something like: WE ARE CELEBRATING OUR MARRIAGE. Then do something: send Jeremy a love note, go out for coffee and gaze adoringly into eachother's eyes, make Jeremy some special desert, or salad or entre. I know this has been a hard season -- I am so sorry. But I am standing at the vantage point of 33 years. We too have had hard seasons. As trite as it sounds, they come to PASS. I am sure you can RIGHT NOW write a long lists of things that have been wonderful in your relationship -- even things from the last year. Give yourself, and your husband permission to have a year of celebration. I know that celebration HELPS. You have the WHOLE YEAR to be "on purpose" about your celebration of the wonder of your marriage so far. AS for the house, I recommend that you walk around and look at the house and find thing for which you are grateful -- things that are now, or that you KNOW will be, live-GIVING. Tell Jesus 'Thank You' outloud. It will help.
    I LOVE YOU, Alanna. I am praying for you.

  2. I've never met your friend, Barb, but I sure do like her, a lot. I can tell she loves you. Just like many, many others. That, too, is worth celebrating.