Monday, June 18, 2012


After a crazy day of hard, irregular labor, a fast, late-night ride to the hospital, a quick time of "transition", and an even faster time of pushing (including a frantic call from the nurse to the doctor to "get in here!",

Josiah Able Oster

was born at 1:04 am two Thursday mornings ago. A big boy-- a full pound heavier than his big brother was-- he was bright red and roly-poly right out of mama and was ready to nurse right away.

He has been both very sleepy and a voracious eater, which is just right for a new baby. Big brother Elias has been doing... okay. Very good with Josiah, not as well in other ways. Some stuff we are chalking up to teething, other stuff with simply being a toddler, and the rest is, I'm sure, from having his entire world flipped upside down. Everyone's world is flipped upside down, and our new normal is slooowly appearing before us. And that's okay. We expected that. We are being patient.

Meanwhile, it's lots of napping and eating and television-watching. Friends are bringing meals, and family is keeping Elias busy. I am healing up well, physically, and attempting to deal effectively with those nagging changes in hormones. Jeremy is bringing up the rear and continues to be the support I need so badly, in this time just like he is every other time.

We are doing well.


  1. He is beautiful! I am so thrilled for you. Praying for all the will find they are good, but I know they are simply mostly exhausting just now. Sleep when you can. Love you!!

  2. Beautiful baby. Beautiful momma. Beautiful family. Gracious and good Father. So happy for you.