Friday, August 17, 2012

So much puke.

The title of this post could really be the title of my day. Any day. But especially today.

Babies are so soft and cuddly and sweet. And so new, in the fullest sense of the word. But they are also hard. I wonder if the difficulty of a baby helps bring our attention to the present in a helpful way... If everything was fine with Josiah (who has been sick) and fine with Elias (who has been a toddler), perhaps I wouldn't pay so much attention to the time I spend with them. I'd be off doing and thinking about other things-- probably pleasant things, sure, but I wouldn't be doing this mommy thing twenty-four hours a day. And I would miss the things that make this time so special and sweet and heartbreaking.

All this meandering to say: I'm thankful that my attention is on our Present lately. As rough as it is, as daunting and challenging and absolutely exhausting as it all is, I want to be there for every bit of this Mommy thing while I have the chance.

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