Wednesday, February 6, 2013

sleep time

Elias has been sleeping in his "big boy" bed for about two months now. The process in getting there was chaotic-- two whole weeks of very little sleep for anyone. It's been pretty peaceful since he settled down into it; I knew he would enjoy the freedom as soon as he could handle us giving him more. This week he's started to pull the blankets up on himself, which is nice, since we've had to dress him like he was going to play outside in the snow because he would just collapse on top of his blanket after getting up and running around after we left his room for the night.

We spent about half an hour reading books and having quiet time in his bed today, after lunch and before his nap. We read Blueberries for Sal, twice, all snuggled up on his bed with his flannel sheets, his quilt from his Oma, his blankie ("night-night"), and his "boon" (teddy-bear). He's always been a good sleeper, but he likes his space, so I've enjoyed his inviting me to cuddle with him before he falls asleep. He asks me to lie next to him, but I'm not allowed to touch him. :) If I try to caress his head or pat his back, he tells me "no." So I just lie there quietly next to him. Today was the first day since he was about 9 months old that he's fallen asleep next to me. It was sweet, and I soaked it up. He's such a beautiful little boy.

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