Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Monday will find you

It's cold and rainy here today. 

Yesterday was gorgeous. We took a long-anticipated trip to the St. Louis zoo, which was...fun. And a lot of work with these two boys of ours.

But today it feels miserable inside and out. While the activities yesterday drew the boys attention from their challenging developmental seasons: Josiah has 6 teeth coming in SLOWLY, and E is doing his 3-going-on-14 thing, and both boys have runny noses with volumes of mucus beyond understanding, so being home today has put that behavior under a microscope. 

Anyway. Monday has certainly followed us into Tuesday. And mommy is drinking mass amounts of black tea (and surreptitiously eating bite size brownies in the kitchen) to keep her energy (and spirits!) up.

I hope that your day is going better :) And that mine ends with baths and early bedtimes for all.

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