Thursday, November 4, 2010


It's been almost two months since I've posted. But I have a good excuse. The first month I was too pregnant. And in this second month, I have a baby.

He's a keeper for sure.

The weeks leading up his birth were a little tense, since I developed preeclampsia, but I was able, thankfully, to avoid artificial induction, a c-section (barely), and any complications with the preeclampsia. Labor was hard and long, and I'm still recovering even now, but learning life with this little person has been much more intensive and difficult than labor ever was. But I'm looking at him right now, and he's totally giggling in his sleep, and I'm thinking it was totally worth it, even though the hard part isn't over yet.

I think what has been the most fun was finding that he wasn't quite the stranger I expected him to be. I mean, he was at first, but we have gotten to know him in these last four (four already?!) weeks, and he just seems an extension of us already.

So we're good, getting back into a routine now that Jeremy's paternity leave is over, and trying to figure out how to be parents to this little guy. And I'm beginning to look forward to Jeremy's and my birthday on the 13th, and Diana's visit later that week, and Christmas, and Aunt Crystal's visit in early January... lots to look forward to in these next weeks.

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  1. tears running down my cheeks, smudging my glasses, as I read
    glorious glorious glorious