Monday, October 1, 2012

treading water

Just came across this little poem again today:

     Promise me
you will not spend
  so much time
     treading water
and trying to keep your
  head above the waves
   that you forget,
truly forget,
  how much you have always
   to swim.

--Tyler Knott Gregson

This morning was a water polo match's worth of treading water with Elias and Josiah. With a weekend away, dietary changes, and sickness, we're reeling from behavioral and physical difficulties, with both kiddos.

Dreaming of an afternoon of sweet playtime, help in the kitchen, reading books, and perhaps even a movie, all with the little boys of mine I love so much. I may get it; I probably will not. I know there will be easier, more fun-filled days, though, soon enough.

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