Monday, January 28, 2013

Making time for friendships

Just on my mind today-- I have such a hard time keeping up with friends. The last time I went out with my girlfriends, with no kids or husband, was almost 3 months ago. I never would have thought I would be the kind of person that would friendships. The thing is, it's a lot easier to neglect it, since I have so many things [read: people] to attend to in this period of my life.

I went out this morning to have a playdate with a couple of mommy friends of mine (and one not-yet-mommy friend!). I'm so glad to have friends that pursue me, because that's not my strong point right now. I get so focused on my own home. And the thing is, so do my friends with kids. There just really isn't as much time, so getting together (choosing a date/time, figuring out childcare) seems like such a hassle in the time leading up to it. But when it happens... oh, it's glorious. So fun, so refreshing. And right now, I can use all the refreshing that comes my way.

So, no, making a point to hang out with girlfriends is not going on my New Year's resolutions' list. There isn't room! Instead, I'm just giving thanks for the girlfriends that do pursue me, knowing that they won't let me get too far into myself before pulling me back out again.

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