Sunday, January 27, 2013

Re-prioritizing : Elias

How I wish I had written this post a week ago! This week we have been hit by two teething boys-- E has his top two second-year molars coming through, and "Shysha" (as he is known by around here) has his first teeth coming through, bottom center.

So it's been chaos. Tylenol isn't touching E's pain-- and really, it seems like more than pain. Like teeth coming through makes him crazy. Literally.

Just kidding.

Not really.

And Josiah can't stomach Tylenol. Both boys have been emotional and grouchy, and this mama is tired.

But before the teeth started coming through, we were having a pretty good time here during the day. Josiah started napping again, thank goodness. And Elias, suddenly, was a happy boy again. There were a couple of days that he didn't get in trouble. Folks, that just doesn't happen around here. I was pretty disappointed that the teething got in the way of the peace, but I'm hopeful we'll see it again. Maybe in a couple of weeks.

I wrote that we are looking at our lives with a critical eye, trying to create more purpose in our thoughts and actions, instead of treading water each day (which turns into weeks, and then months). I remember being very surprised this last year when it seemed like toys weren't enough for Elias anymore. He always played great by himself, so when he started demanding more of my attention during the day, I was pretty overwhelmed. I was like, dude. Play with your toys, like you always have. What's the problem?

Obviously, I'm not that bright at picking up on developmental cues from my boys, or at least I wasn't then. Because it's not like they just start giving easy to understand cues. They totally change, and as the parent, I have to figure out what's going on, and fast.

So during the day now, I have my morning chores that I do while Elias plays and eats and watches tv and eats. (He loves breakfast). And then, we play together. We put together puzzles and play trains and paint and read books (I've also been utilizing our library-- why do I always forget about the library?). I noticed a change in Elias immediately. He was so much happier. It means I have to manage my time more efficiently as far as everything else, but it's what was needed. And ultimately, that's why I'm home with him, right? To actually be with him, not to just let him do his own thing while I do what I think needs to be done around the house.

This is what I meant about purpose-- I want to be more aware of what I'm doing, what I'm working toward. And for Elias, I want him to be an independent, playful little boy. I want him to have a small amount of screen time each day. I also want him to be really aware of how our lives are directed by our faith. So in addition to being more proactive with playing, I'm trying to include him more in my chores; he helps with the laundry and cooking and in cleaning up his toys when he's finished with them. I'm also going to start a (very flexible, very child-friendly) bible study with him. We'll read a certain story each week (several times) and then do some activities that connect in ways he can understand. Please hear me on this: this will not be Pinterest worthy. I will not have lots of construction paper projects, etc. I'm not that kind of a person. Just some small things that will add focus to our week together at home.

Anyway, just a few thoughts about how I'm becoming more purposeful with my days at home with Elias (and of course, Josiah).

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  1. Love it!! I'm taking inspiration from it...been really convicted at the amount of screen time Eloise is getting right now and want to be more intentional.