Thursday, March 14, 2013

Feed yo'self, Mama

I've written lately about rest, and being aware, and nourishing ourselves. You know a great way to start doing this? Actually feeding yourself. I know. This is an idea that's mind-blowing in its complexity.

There are days when I literally eat out of the pan I used to cook lunch, hovering over the stove with a fork, while I make sure to get E fed before his nap. There are days when I eat peas and hot dogs for lunch, and nothing else. There have even been days where I'm not hungry come lunch time because I have -- get this -- been eating the scraps off numerous plates of Elias' food that morning. I obviously do not have to tell you that this is not good for me, physically or emotionally.

I've been trying to change that up lately. I buy the expensive hot dogs, grass-fed, nitrite free, etc. And still, I cannot have another hot dog for lunch. Ever. Ever, never, ever. So if that's what E wants, that's fine. I'll open a can of tuna or salmon and put it on some greens for me. Whip up a quick viniagrette. And I sit down with him, and made a point of eating myself. It's just as important for Mama to get fed as it is the toddler.

And can I say, for you carnivores out there, that perhaps your lunch should include meat? It's made a world of difference for me. I certainly don't mind not eating meat at every meal, but when I eat it at lunch, I find it very fortifying. It also reminds me that I'm worth a real meal in the middle of the day. I make sure Jeremy gets what he needs, and I'd never send him various scraps from E's various meals/ snacks of the morning. Why would I think that would be okay for me?

The above (badly photographed) picture is a meal I had last week that I would repeat daily if I could. Chili with butternut squash, sweet potato chips with guacamole. That's right: I made myself guacamole at 11 am. And it was awesome.


  1. What's that noise, you ask?
    OH! That was me...applauding wildly and yelling, "YEAH!!! GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD FOR YOU! PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  2. A mom taking care of herself is a beautiful thing. It's also a wonderful model for her children to see. Good job. And save some of that guacamole for me. :)