Monday, March 25, 2013

A case of the...

Oh, my. Has your Monday been monday-ing it up all over the place today? The baby is sick-- yes, again-- and refusing to take a nap. My toddler screamed for five minutes before taking his nap. I'm knee deep in laundry and crumbs and laundry. The clincher? I started the chili we're having for dinner, and I realized (after assembling the rest of the chili) that the frozen cooked turkey I was going to use for it has freezer burn all over it. Sigh.

The upside?
Dinner, albeit a vegetarian one, is finished.
Both boys (as of just right now) are napping, and it's a quiet house, except for the intermittent cycles of the washer and dryer and the bubbling chili on the stove top.
It's snowing outside, and it's beautiful. How is it that frozen rain swirling in the cold breeze speaks so much beauty and wonder to our hearts? E and I got out in it earlier and had a great and, yes-- cold, time together.
We had a good weekend together as a family, and I'm still buoyed by how sweet the Lord has been to me lately. His presence has been so near, and I couldn't be more grateful.

I hope your Monday is as good to you as it has been to me ;-)


  1. The first thing I did to break my Lent social media fast...catch up on your blog. I miss you. We need a LONG phone date.