Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Shifting focus

The news has been hard lately. I notice that I tend to absorb difficult events and sad emotions more than others, so I've been feeling heavy this last week. It feels like too much, and in reality, it is. So I'm turning off the news for the rest of the day, and I'm choosing to focus on my own little family. I think this is okay.

We've had a hard morning-- two tired, cranky, emotional boys, so the morning has been full of tears and tantrums and a frustrated mama. I'm sure what's been going on in our nation has had its effect in making me feel more on edge, further away from joy. Going to try to focus on what these kiddos need today, from me and from the Lord.

Don't feel guilty about turning your eyes from suffering sometimes. We give our comfort to others in any way we can, bear burdens in whatever way we can, offer the prayers we are able to give, and then turn to focus on the work closest to our own hands.

This is mine.


  1. OH my GOODNESS! I totally agree! I can't look at the photos; I can't read the stories...I am praying, but I am here, and not there and just looking on is not helping them and it does haunt me. I like your view..., are you going to print out these photos and frame them, and then hang them on your walls? They are so CUTE!!!

    1. Barbara-- the problem is, is that the kids are just too cute. Every picture I take is a masterpiece, each deserving of its own wall space. ;-)

    2. Simple: Get frames that are pretty easy to replace the pictures...and every once in a while, put up a new picture. The boys will be delighted, and it will give you something new to smile at all the time. Keep a file and every once in a while put a relatively "old" pic up to see who notices and start a conversation about "remember when..."
      and. . .
      the kids ARE too cute!!! You seriously have such adorable children!!! Pray for the little girls growing somewhere who will join the family some day...much much much later