Friday, April 26, 2013

Like I said: ample

Jeremy left a little while ago for an overnight trip with his friends to Saint Louis. They're going to go up together in a big van for Matt's bachelor party, then go to a game and dinner. I expect him home tomorrow afternoon.

And I'm totally being a cry-baby about it. I haven't had much time with Jeremy lately, and I certainly haven't had any time with my girlfriends for a seriously long time. Like, months. So, I'm sitting in the middle of (literally-- it's all around me) this huge pile of laundry, thinking about how dirty the kitchen is, and the grocery list that has to be made, and the two really grumpy kids that are going to wake up soon, and I'm pretty bummed. I'm bummed that I don't get time with Jeremy, that I am starving for some girl time, that I'm desperate for a clean, organized home, and that I could use a buffer (but won't get one) with these kiddos.

What can I do though? Besides cry, I may have already done that. I'm going to read back over my post from yesterday, since I obviously need to be reminded about renewing my attitude. I think I'm going to pop some popcorn for Elias as a special treat. Maybe we can watch a movie since it's so dreary outside, or maybe just take a walk amid the mist and the puddles. And I'm totally going to get the girliest chick flick on Netflix tonight after the kids go to bed and decimate any Easter candy that Jeremy has left around-- finders keepers, sucka.

And as soon as Mayumi comes home from Japan, I'm snagging her and Colleen and making them hang out with me. I need some girl time.

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