Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Working on my thesis down in Paducah. Those are long days.

Our new local farmers market. It's right next to a park.

(blue eggs)

Father's day

First birthdays celebrated with good friends

And weddings too

It's been a crazy busy summer so far, but in looking at these pictures, I'm reminded of how good it's been. How blessed we are to have all these lovely people so close to us.

(Some of these pictures have been taken by others-- the last three from the farmers market by Brandon Macier, and Josiah's birthday picture by Omar and Mayumi Trinidad. More birthday pictures to follow.)

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  1. A full, busy, tiring, wonderful, and love-filled summer. Good times. Thanks for sharing so many pictures, the joy it creates inside when looking at them is very telling of God's favor on you and your family.