Thursday, March 27, 2014


Another cold snap, bare branches, whistling winds cutting through too-light spring jackets, foolishly chosen for the date instead of the temperature.

I have been patient, you guys. I have kept quiet. I have silently brooded over my failing seedlings, baby plants reaching for a sunlight and warmth that just isn't there. I have watched more Pixar than I dare admit, trying to keep these boys busy with anything I can.

I'm so ready. I'm ready for new life peeking through damp earth. Ready for buds on our trees, for boys in mud, for fresh air coming through windows. Ready for new life in me.

God has been cultivating the soil of my heart this winter. He's been overturning old habits, planting new ideas, and completely turning my spiritual world upside down. It's. Been. So. Good.
Hard, too.

I'm hoping for a big summer, where I see God move in ways I've been praying for all winter long.

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