Friday, April 16, 2010


i did a blog once before and...well, it petered out. or i did. well, it doesn't matter who. (i'm blaming the blog.)

but now that i'm pregnant, and in the near future jeremy and i will be both birthing a baby, a thesis, and a house (i think the pain involved may be comparable), it might be nice to have a private space outside of facebook and its faceless hoards to let people know how and what we're up to.

me at fifteen weeks (sorry it's a bit dark).

hopefully i do a bit better this time in keeping up. we'll all just wait and see!

just kidding. i WILL do better. and maybe, along with the house, baby, and thesis, i can talk a bit about food, too. we have a CSA this summer for the first time, and that might bring up some interesting scenarios.

Jeremy: "What on earth is that?!"
Alanna: "Dinner."

Jeremy: [Just coming in from work] "What's for dinner?"
Alanna: "Kohlrabi souffle."
[Antics ensue]


  1. I feel honored ... HONORED. and thrilled and excited to share your words that enwrap your thoughts and you. you MADE my day!

  2. I would be interested in your recipe for kohlrabi souffle. ;)

  3. Lauren: Ugh...Can you imagine the disgusting-ness of a kohlrabi souffle?! Sometimes I pretend to like stuff in front of Jeremy just because it's healthy, but even I couldn't fake my way out of that one.