Monday, August 2, 2010


It's been a busy couple of months--we were on vacation for what seemed like two weeks, traveling from Bloomington, IL to Kansas City, MO and back.

Of course, that all sounds like a lifetime ago. Crazy how quickly the vacation glow fades and the regular stresses/joys/boringness of life crowds out its memory.

We've moved into panic mode with the house... just hoping that we can get in there before Baby comes. (No, Baby doesn't have a name yet...) We did buy paint the other day, though, which is pretty exciting, even though we're not ready for it yet. We may even have to give our month's notice to our landlord later this month, which is another exciting (yet scary!) prospect.

It's so easy to lose focus of what we know GOD is going to do. We do know that He will give us what we need when we need it. It's just that sometimes... I think that I know better about what I need than he does. Which is pretty hilarious, since He's proven over and over that that is actually not true! Ha! I'm glad that I know that as big and powerful and scary as He can be, He also has a pretty great sense of humor. I hope that He finds these times of my freaking out funny rather than frustrating! I think to some degree that He really does.

Pregnancy lately has been... uncomfortable. This last week in particular has been hard for me physically, what with the hip pain, pelvic pain, circulation issues, emotional issues, heartburn, and a plethora of other aches/pains. I'm asking that GOD help change my attitude this week, though, because I have ten weeks left, and I don't want to spend them cranky. And cranky I have been.

And that's life right now, among other things. Barbara, I WILL post some more recent pictures of my pregnant self soon. I am certainly looking pregnant these days :-)

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  1. THANK YOU Alanna, in advance ... since I can trust you. Please know I am waiting, but waiting patiently.
    All I can recommend for the last 10 weeks is...make yourself comfortable. Laughable, I know! But I mean, 1) sleep when you are tired: you need it! You are, after all, forming a human being! ... in your "spare time" WHILE you are doing everything else. 2)Eat what makes you feel good ~ somethings you will want WON'T make you feel good, but sometimes, just one bite of "ahhh-that-is-so-good" can turn a whole day around. 3) Put your feet up MORE OFTEN. 4) sleep more often. 5)DO NOT sit in uncomfortable chairs. 6)Drink more water, put lemon slices in it. 7)When you lay down, {often, by the way} lay down on your left side. 8)Walk every day. 9)Think about the baby, and talk to them often. 10) Remember that you are forming a human being...your lovely child ... while the rest of us 'slugs' simply do stuff. PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK.