Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Today, it has been a hard day. I've been thinking about not being in the house, and feeling lonely here in this apartment, and if it's lonely now, how lonely will it be to have the baby here and have Jeremy over at the house, trying to get it ready for us, and how tired and overwhelmed Jeremy must be, and how big and overwhelmed I am, etc., etc., etc.


Today, I am thankful for such a loving, supportive, compassionate, funny, warm, caring husband. I am thankful that my parents are close by and are so willing and able to help during this time. I'm thankful for girlfriends that make me laugh and make me think and boost me closer to God. I am thankful for a cozy apartment and a car with air conditioning and a fabulous weekend with friends, and for this little boy bouncing around in my belly.

And I am thankful for an easily reheat-able baked pasta, some romaine lettuce I had forgotten about, a leftover Roma tomato from last week's CSA bag, and that teeny bit, but just enough, piece of parmesan cheese that made my lunch just now even better and so pretty.

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