Saturday, September 24, 2011

goals, however small

Fall has certainly arrived here. It's gotten so much cooler this week, and it's been cloudy and rainy for days now. Now, I'm not one to balk at a rainy, gray day, but... Well, maybe I am a little bit. Gray days seem to be more fun for selfish activities: cups of tea sweetened with honey, romantic comedies from the nineties in the dvd player, naps on the couch. None of these things happened today; well, I guess the tea and honey happened, but I ended up guzzling it, lukewarm, after I finished feeding Elias and before I gulped down my own dinner. Not really the effect I was going for.

I like this season (and the one that follows it) because it feels so warm and cozy. That is, it feels warm and cozy if one has a home that is warmly lit, full of lovely cooking smells and festive decorations. I think the only thing I've got going for this place right now are the cooking smells, and those aren't so lovely right now because of the whole head of rotting garlic I foolishly chose to put down the garbage disposal instead of the trash can. Oh. my. Two days later, and it's still going strong.

So my goal for the next thirty days is to get two little crafty things done for the house: put up some twinkly lights, make a garland, what-have-you. And all of you, the whole two people that read my blog, are welcome to call me out if you don't see proof of them here. And if I didn't write it here, and make it a goal, there is more than a very good possibility that you'd hear me complaining about the lack of holiday swag again four weeks from now.

Also in the next month's activities: get camping supplies ready for our church's retreat next weekend, survive next weekend without my little boy :-( , get ready for said little boy's first birthday party (with a homemade pinata, and a mess of cake), get his room ready, get answers ready for the people who have and who will ask me what to get E for his birthday, finish the curtains for downstairs plus a million other little sewing projects that I'd like to get finished (without a sewing machine), etc., etc. In addition, Jeremy is having to work more hours (for $), and I'm having to cook more (because of $). So, it'll be busy.

And yes, two pieces of holiday swag in the next 4 weeks. It's do-able. 'Cause I'm gonna do it.

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