Wednesday, March 7, 2012

4 years old

Our marriage turns four tomorrow. I can't really believe it-- not only does it just not seem real that we have lived as a married couple for four years, it also seems like, "Dang. We're kind of getting old." We're so beyond the single thing and firmly entrenched in this couple thing.

I don't know that I'm any better at being married than I was in the beginning. I was definitely a mess at it at first. Oh, boy, I was a mess. Learning to be two instead of one is a hard thing to do, and a hard concept to grasp. Selfishness is not easily dispelled in a person. Apparently its worked out, with difficulty, over many years. ;-)

It hasn't been an easy four years. We've had a few things go on that were extremely difficult, and we had to work on our marriage because of these outside stressors. But, and I'll just speak for myself here, I would do it all over again, and then again and again. I'm constantly surprised by what a tender-hearted, fair, hard-working man my husband is, and I couldn't ask for anyone better suited to me.

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  1. Happy Anniversary (a day early) to you both! I saw this on my mom's Facebook page, and it really couldn't be more true:

    "All relationships go through hell. Real relationships get through it."

    I firmly believe that.