Saturday, March 10, 2012

anniversary cookies

We celebrated our four year anniversary the same way that--I imagine--most married couples with young kids do: in stages, over a few days, whenever we could. That meant that we went out to dinner the night before (Jeremy surprised me with a babysitter!), sat on the couch the actual anniversary date (I was sick from my pregnancy-related glucose test that morning), and then had cookies and pizza the day after.

If cookies don't sound that special to you, I understand. But listen: I don't make a real dessert very often. And when I do, I make a Sweet Potato Cake, or something like it, and cut down the sugar and use whole grain flours (and in the recipe above, I added more sweet potato). But I made these from the recipe, just as it was written. I didn't sneak any whole wheat flour in or skimp on the sugar. This is the kind of thing that alerts Jeremy to a real celebration, a gift just for him.

Anyway, I used this recipe because I had all the ingredients (except chocolate chips, which I don't keep in the house because I'll munch on them instead of cooking with them), and they looked easy. They really were fabulous--so easy to put together and bake, and really, really good (we may or may not have eaten the whole batch without sharing any with our toddler). I'll be using this recipe for years to come, I think, although next time I'd like to put some chopped pecans in. And maybe some whole wheat pastry flour ;-)

Try them out the next time you have a chocolate cookie craving-- you won't be disappointed.

Orangette's Chewy Cocoa Cookies with Chocolate Chips

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  1. Your anniversary cookies don't sound any stranger than our anniversary Steak 'n Shake. If it weren't 9:45pm I would be making these cookies right now. With whole wheat pastry flour and pecans - because that sounds awesome!

    (By the way, my soba noodles are drying - I'll have a post early next week on whether or not they're successful.)