Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sleepy Sunday

Literally. Both boys are sleeping right now (actually, all three! The little one in my belly is taking a nice break from kicking, after wearing himself--and me--during church).

This little guy grew this week: my belly is making it hard to put on shoes, cross my legs, and walk up the stairs with Elias.

Elias had another trying week... Although this one was a little better than the last one where he wasn't feeling well. I guess it's just the stage we're in: he wants to be more independent, but he's also a little more emotional, sensitive, and energized. So much energy. Speaking of which, he's learned to climb up chairs.

Lord help me. Seriously.

So right now, I'm enjoying that we're all home together, the cool breeze through the window, and our full bellies after lunch. (No, silly--Elias didn't eat lunch. Haven't you been paying attention? He ate 4 bites of a doughnut at church, 2 bites of a banana, and a cup of milk before going down for his nap.) Mama and Dada, however, had pulled beef and provolone sandwiches on some lovely whole wheat rolls. Thank you, slow cooker.

It's going to be another busy week--it always is--and I'm thankful for this quiet moment in the day. Quiet for the next moment or so at least--the little boy in my belly is now awake, and I'm sure the other two will follow suit soon.


  1. Oh my goodness--I love you so much! Seeing Elias on the chair reminds me of when Eddy was not yet 1...not walking yet, but a champion climber. I came into the kitchen to find him climbing the shelves to the cupboard above the counter -- like it was a ladder. His comment to me was, "mashMELLows, Mama?"

    I love you. I love your family! Enjoy this time ~ I know. . . . When? Between chores, meals, sleep or lack of it, chasing a toddler? But these are the last days of having an only child - PLAY more. Read books with him more. Do silly stuff with him more. Cuddle and hold him a lot. You won't EVER regret it!!!! There will ALWAYS be dust and dishes!

  2. Oh my goodness!!! I just checked your blog on the off chance that you had written something...and joy of joys there was more than one something!!! Reading makes me feel so many things, joy in who you are, sadness that we can't leave these years down the street from each other...I really miss you, no I really really really miss you. I hate that I have ne. ver held your boy, that I can rub your belly. But I am so happy for you, for life that God has given you. Beauty for ashes...
    Love you!