Monday, May 7, 2012

Getting it in.

I'm feeling a bit emotional today. It suddenly hit me that this is the last time it's just Elias and I during the day. Soon-- in about a month-- there will be a baby taking up most of my time. Jeremy is taking 3 weeks off of work to stay home with us, which is wonderful. So there is a lot of family time coming up. And that's good. After that, there will be brother-time. And that will be so good too.

But this is the last moments of our time together, just E and me. Making and eating lunch. Taking a walk. Watching Elmo and reading books. I'm trying to soak it up the best I can.

Why can't we fully appreciate the time when we do have it? Why is the threat of its departure the only thing that makes it dear? It feels like such a waste, but then again, I don't know if its possible or even good to fully live every moment, knowing that it's passing. Seems to me like it would be the most constant heartache.

Lots of cuddles today. Lots of taking time away from the I-need-to-do's and focusing on my still-my-one-and-only-baby boy.

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