Wednesday, December 19, 2012


And here we are-- in the last week before Christmas. Each year it sneaks up on me, although I've tried harder to savor the season this year. In my head, I see us ending the day reading through an advent book, candles lit, quiet Christmas music on, dwelling in the peace of knowing our Saviour is born. In reality though, the ceiling lights are blazing, the television has Elmo's Christmas special on, and we're trying to just get the boys down to bed before they become totally unmanageable. And then we clean up after the day and prepare for the next. Not really the Advent season I had pictured!

I know that these times aren't forever-- there will be time in the future when our kids, then they're more mature, can handle learning more about the season. So I'm attempting it now, at least, this very moment, by myself. It is quiet here in the living room, and the Christmas tree is lit. I will ask God to prepare my heart to fully celebrate the miracle of this season, and of His life in us, in me. As crazy and chaotic as my life seems, my heart is totally at peace, folks. I am saved; I am rescued; I have found the One my heart loves. I am grateful that the Father sent us Jesus.

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