Wednesday, May 19, 2010


decisions, decisions on this quiet Wednesday afternoon...

Q: "snooze" or "dismiss"
A: Waking from my nap I hit snooze, but I must admit that in that dream/sleep/awake state, I was confused about this decision. I could generally understand that either one meant that I could go back to sleep, but also that they weren't the same thing. I went, luckily, with the first choice, which means that Jeremy is not going to find me passed out on the bed when he gets home today.

Q: "oatmeal raisin" or "chocolate chip"
A: Chocolate chip. With a cold glass of whole, raw milk on the side. Before you disagree with this decision, and especially because it is a hard choice to make, let me explain. I made the batch of oatmeal raisin a few days ago and had already had a "few." I made the batch of chocolate chip yesterday and had yet to have a whole one (I had to taste since I made half the batch for some friends, of course). Additionally, these are not just chocolate chip. I ran out of chocolate chips, so I used what I had, which was a few bars of dark chocolate with dried cherries and almonds. AND since I had bars, I had to cut up the chocolate myself, which means that the insides of the cookie did not consist of independent "chips" but itty bitty pieces of chocolate along with chunks. AND, I made it with whole wheat pastry flour, oats, and more chopped almonds. AND the recipe said to "not overbake, but underbake if anything." That lady is smart, because the outside of the cookie is totally baked, but the inside is super soft, almost like a cookie dough. My goodness. (She does not currently have the recipe online, but it's in her cookbook, which I ADORE.)

Q: vacuum or clean kitchen?
A: Oprah. On the couch. Then maybe the kitchen :-)


  1. I wasn't hungry until I read your description of the my problem is that the cookies are at your house!

  2. you inspired me, I went and got dark chocolate with Cherries and almonds to put in scones.