Sunday, May 2, 2010

alive and kicking

Jeremy felt the baby kick for the first time tonight! Such a sweet, sweet moment for him, I'm sure, but especially for me, to be able to share that with him.

These pictures were taken by Jeremy just a few days ago, after he realized that he could have some fun with "The Bump."

He's going to have so much fun playing with our kids.

And I know they're going to have a blast with him.

I know that he's probably totally overwhelmed by the idea of having a baby, just like I am, but I know, know, know that he is going to be the best, sweetest, most compassionate and fun daddy the world has ever seen.


  1. I love the pictures. I remember when Dave felt Seth kick for the first was really cool. Then in the mornings before he left for work, Dave would talk to my bump and try to get Seth to wake up and move. Which he did most of the time...what is funny is that Dave's voice would wake Seth even after he was born. The house could be crazy loud with TV and hammers banging, Seth would stay asleep...Dave comes into the room and talks...AWAKE!! It is awesome to see the relationship they have with eachother. Seth LOVES his Daddy, and that melts my heart.